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Open Source e-Learning

With the growing popularity and support for open source applications, Excelsoft has a dedicated team focused on open source competency and solution development. The team is focused on providing consulting, implementation, customization, hosting and maintenance of various open source e-Learning solutions available in the market. Excelsoft has also developed custom learning solutions which are based on open standards like SCORM, IMS content packaging, QTI, Common Cartridge etc. Below is a description of our offerings:

  • Open Source Learning Management Systems: Over the years, Excelsoft has built a very strong expertise on the most widely used Open Source LMS, Moodle. Following are some of our offerings around Moodle:
    • Setup and Deployment
    • Customizations
    • Third party integrations (Drupal, DimDim web conferencing, Open ID authentications etc.)
    • Hosting – Standard as well as cloud hosting
    • Support

    Apart from Moodle, we also provide services around other popular open source LMSes like Sakai, Dokeos, OLAT, eFront etc.

  • Content Conversion Services: Excelsoft offers a web based content conversion and packaging solution which is based on open standards like SCORM, QTI, Common Cartridge etc. It allows inter-conversion of content between various formats and standards. Apart from the open standards the tool also allows conversion to proprietary LMS course formats like Moodle, Blackboard, WebCT etc.

    We also have expertise on a few of the open source Content Authoring solutions like eXe, Reload etc.

  • Cloud computing: Right from the onset of Cloud computing, Excelsoft has been involved in developing and hosting applications on the cloud. Our cloud based offerings include:

    Google App Engine:
    • Developing applications using the Google App Engine SDK in Python as well as Java.
    • Customizations
    • Third party integrations (Drupal, DimDim web conferencing, Open ID authentications etc.)
    • Hosting and managing applications on the Google App Engine platform.
    • Optimizing applications for performance on the Google Cloud environment.


    Amazon Cloud Computing:
    • Consulting and tech. support around various cloud offering from Amazon including Amazon EC2, S3, Cloud front, Simple DB etc.
    • Setup, configuration and management of Amazon machine instances (Windows and Linux) and applications over the Amazon cloud environment.
    • Optimizing applications for performance on the Amazon Cloud environment.


  • Custom Application Development: Excelsoft has built a strong competency around various open source technologies to develop custom learning solutions. We’ve successfully developed applications using LAMP, Java, Python and other mainstream open-source platforms. With our extensive domain expertise around e-Learning and an in-depth technology expertise, we can quickly and efficiently deliver custom learning applications based on your requirements.

Excelsoft’s open source offerings are being executed by its subsidiary Imfinity. Visit www.imfinity.com for more information on custom development and outsourced product development services


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